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Secret Service praised for their tremendous restraint with the White House fence jumper?



I sure wish they showed some of that restraint to Miriam Carey before they shot her dead…with her child in the car


i forgot all about this. christ.



PSA: Big corporations putting feel good feminist messages in their advertisements wont result in women’s liberation as much as it will result in goading liberal minded folks to buy more shampoo or whatever. There’s no point in fawning over these commercials.

Friendly reminder that the company that owns Dove


is the same company that owns Axe.


you can only empower women with one hand if you keep them down with the other

…And the future never comes. What comes is always here now.

…And because of your habit of worrying about the future, you will waste that moment also for worrying.

One now, another now. Wherever you are, it will be here and now.

You could have lived, but you only planned.

(the only credit I know to give is here)



Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts

ummm have you done nos lol